Biotope Competition

Bringing aquatic artists together!

Join the 4th Canadian Biotope Contest being held this year at the 2023 Canadian Aquatic
Expo 2023!

We are excited to welcome 10 participants to compete in this thrilling event! Each
participant or team will receive a 10-gallon glass tank equipped with a light and hanging
filter. Display photos and a detailed written description of the world region your biotope
represents alongside your aquarium for judging and attendee understanding.
The competition is open to all aquarium enthusiasts, regardless of affiliation with any
aquarium club or association. You can work individually or as a team, and aquarium
clubs are also encouraged to join forces.
The top three winners will be selected from the ten participants, with the following
prizes awarded:
– First prize: $300 (CAD)
– Second prize: $200 (CAD)
– Third prize: $100 (CAD)
To register for this incredible event, please email: Frank Aquirre at with your full name/team name along with a theme for
your Biotope. Please note that you will be responsible for providing your own materials
other than the 10-gallon tank, light and filter.
Let’s celebrate the beauty of aquatic life together!